Update on our latest developments

The trustees have moved on to the last phase of renovation of the Memorial Hall complex with work on the main hall. The hall has already been completely repainted, new doors have been fitted to match those in the previously refurbished “half” of the building, and new lights have been fitted. Over the weekend of the 18th/19th November the hall was fitted with its new drapes. The vision the trustees had was for a softer, “pavilion” effect of the interior for functions such as parties and receptions. The new look takes away the “sports hall” appearance and makes the room more ambient. The lighting effects played on the drapes give a changing colour wash to the whole room. We hope you like the effect.

Drapes 1

Drapes 2

Drapes 3

Two new “buy a brick” walls have now been built under the counters at each end of the Cheeseroller Lounge.  We would like to thank Phil Anstey for undertaking this.  Thanks to all those who bought a brick: and no, we are not building another wall!

Wall 1

Wall 2